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We are mortgage brokers serving Bantry, Glengariff and the greater Cork county & Cork City area. We use our years of experience and in depth knowledge of the mortgage underwriting process to deliver the best outcomes for our clients. So, whether you’re a first time buyer, purchasing an investment property or moving up the property ladder, we are here to help.

Sourcing mortgage loans can be time consuming and confusing. Which mortgage bank? What are their assessment criteria? How much will we qualify for? Fixed mortgage interest rate or variable mortgage interest rate? What term can we borrow over? Identifying and comparing your options can seem like a daunting prospect. But help is at hand!

As mortgage brokers we take all the uncertainty and stress out of applying for a mortgage loan. We shop the market, navigate the interest rates and make a recommendation best suited to your specific circumstances. And we will do all this while listening to your preferences, concerns and questions. We will also deal with the bank on your behalf and present you and your case in the best possible manner.

We make the mortgage application as simple as possible and look to provide clarity for our mortgage clients.

If you choose to work with us,

  • We are expert profilers, and we will present you to the bank in the best possible light.
  • We will help you put together a compelling application, one that will highlight your qualifications to lenders. We won’t go to a bank unless we are fully confident that your mortgage will be approved.
  • We will use our mortgage calculators to find you the best mortgage rates and term for your needs.
  • We will ensure your personal information is handled with the highest levels of security, privacy and discretion.
  • If you are still only at the planning stage, and just starting to think about getting on that first rung of the property ladder, we will give you advice on how to be mortgage ready so when you do find a home, you are in a position to apply for that mortgage.

It doesn’t all have to feel like hard work. We strive to make the process easy and fun. We’ll keep you laughing as we work together, or at least we’ll keep you from crying. We won’t submit your application until we’re sure it will be approved, and we’ll prepare all the paperwork, file it for you and deal with the lenders.
You relax while we do the work! What could be better?

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This experience led us to develop a simple 4 step process for each mortgage application.

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If you are wondering how lenders actually qualify you for a mortgage, here are the nuts and bolts of how it works behind the scenes! Get your mortgage insider tips from Vivian O’Callaghan QFA Planner™.

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We guide you through the loan application and home purchasing process from start to finish whether it’s your first home or another step on the property ladder, or you simply need a home extension.

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This experience has led us to develop a simple 4 step process for mortgage applications.

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