Financial Services

Family Protection Advice

Have you ever considered the financial impact of a premature death, serious illness or accident on your family’s financial wellbeing? Think of all the things that would still need to be paid for if you or your partner cannot work due to an accident or illness or, worse, if you die – the mortgage, household bills, day-to-day expenses, children’s education, travel & holidays and so on. These events can have profound and far-reaching effects but your family’s financial stability need not be one of them.

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Retirement Advice

Sometimes we are so distracted by the busyness of daily life that we fail to give the time necessary to planning for that part of our lives when we are no longer working, or more importantly, earning.

As a qualified Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA), Vivian O’Callaghan is expert in all aspects of pension and retirement planning. Whether it is a Personal Pension Plan for individuals or sole traders; an Occupational Pension Scheme for employers and their employees or a Personal Retirement Bond for those looking to take control of pensions from old employers we have the advice and the solutions.

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Savings & Investments Advice

Whether it be your children’s college education, a top-up to your retirement finances or perhaps a scenario that you haven’t yet thought of, medium and long term savings and investments are something we all need to consider. For either regular premium or lump sum arrangements which provide an attractive alternative to traditional, and low return, deposit options please contact us today for further information.